One of Americas best Jazz and Country Guitarists. Grammy Award Winner.

John Jorgenson Michael Chapman

A true legend in British Acoustic Music. Great songs and raw vocal delivery are the trademark of this artiste.

Johnathan Pickard Paul Brett Keith Newby Andy Makenzie Steve Pablo Greg Robley Dave Stephen

Festival host and one of the world’s leading 12 string guitarists Has his own designed rage of guitars distributed globally by Vintage.

A great guitarist in his own right. Johnathan will feature his skills on his harp guitar adding a different perspective to guitar playing.

This is Keith’s second appearance at the Festival and guests will recall his great virtuoso performances of classic songs.

Andy has long been regarded as one of the UK;s top Jazz Manouche guitarists. He will be doing a Masterclass and appearing with John Jorgenson.

A great bass player in both electric and acoustic modes who will be playing throughout the weekend with some of the artistes.

Apart from being a fine Artist, Steve will be playing on the Friday evening session and Sunday afternoon with Dave Stephen, playing a varied set of bluesy style songs. If you have time, visit Steve’s shop in Caernarfon and see some great paintings!

Dave will be appearing with Steve Pablo on their duo sessions on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.